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Vecchio 19-07-2008, 08.17.08
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Predefinito Cerco per acconnodazione vicino FAO, Roma per 3 messi


My name is Merav and I am a woman, 36 yeas (very old) and from Israel.
I speak English and Italian, but feel more comfortable writing in
English, feel free to replay in Italian…

My question is a little different but I assume that u know Rome better
then me, you are a nice person and hope you could help…

I am studying “sviluppo Umano, cultura di ace e cooperazione
internazionale” in Firenze and have to go for tirocino in Rome, in
Fao’s building.

I am looking for accommodation near Fao for 3 months, September – the
end of November.

Unfortunately I can’t afford paying the prices I have seen so far….

So, a little bit about my self might be helpful….

I don’t smoke, I drink only a little – until this nice “fuzzy’
feeling, I like traveling (spent 2 years in Africa), cooking, eating
(everything but fresh tomatoes and things that comes from the sea, a
big problem in Italy…)

I would be happy with any kind of help or advice….

My contact details are:

Email – n_mbg@yahoo.com
Phone – 347-3614699
Skype – newmerav (please write something on the communication request)

You can even find me on “Face book”…..

Thanks a lot,

Merav Bat-Gil

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