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Vecchio 25-03-2007, 05.28.55
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Predefinito Beautiful Ocean Front Property Northeast Brazil Just Perfect

I have moved to the Northeast of Brazil, State of Ceara, City of
Fortaleza around 3 years ago.

I was working with my father in a medium size construction company
back home in Chicago and I only came to Brazil to visit for a month or
so. When I met my wife's parents and found out they work with real
estate I started to ask questions about the market.

Today I am an Offshore Investment Consultant & International Property

I urge everyone that is interested in retirement with low cost of
living, getaway beach villas, second/summer homes, beach front
properties, ocean front lots for construction to read this and do
their homework.

One thing I must mention first, after reading this, there will be only
at the most 24 months time to get in on this joyfull escapade. The
prices of real estate are rising steadily and with increasing speed as
well. There are thousands of European and some American investors
slamming money into this place for such developments as beach front
resorts, condominiums and golf course nearby.

Eventhough, all these investments are expiring at a massive rate that
the locals are calling it the "Foreign Invasion" the cost of living
seems to be at level with the rest of the Northeast and other parts of
the country which makes it great for retirement if you are financially

We have services to arrange residence based on retirement or
investments of only U$D50K.

We also are seeing a BOOM in the renting sector of the market.

Now, to speak about the getaway stressbusting property as a second
home or summer home for the hardworking everyday people like you and

There are 576 kilometers of coast line in this State and I believe I
have a selection of over 100 beach front villas in this state alone,
besides the states of Rio Grande do Norte (Natal), Bahia (Salvador),
Piaui (Parnaiba), Maranhao (Sao Luis) etc......

There are such breathtaking places to have as your "shut the world
out" for ranges between U$D130,000 all the way up to U$D1,5 Million
that are just undescribable, not explicable by words that you just
have to see them with your own eyes to believe.

Hundreds of turism activities, Mountains 5 hours of a drive away from
the capital, cliffs of the beach line, and so many other scenery
sought after eye pleasers that you will only understand after visiting
this place.

Here is a link that might help understand what Im talking about:

Not to mention the low cost of living and cheap labor, cuisine, the
very active nightlife, outdoor bars and restaurants, and on and on and

People are very friendly, warm and keen on treating the foreigners
very well.

As well as the few reasons mentioned above for purchase of this kind
of property,


We have available land for development of beach front villas, single
lots for construction of vacation property, pre-approved projects
ready to execute, flats for rental income, resorts and inns and hotels
for a decent and rising income, all to fit your budget rather it be U
$D10,000 or U$D100,000,000 !

Permanent residence, setup of corporations in Brazil as well as in tax-
haven countries, bank accounts, asset protection, anonymous debit &
credit cards are available also through our services!

Here is a link to our Official Google Group:


You will find all the legal advice, property pictures, advice and
suggestions, news updates, and an inside to the Brazilian Business

My name is Martin Gajewski Junior and you can find my profile here in
the Google Groups or at this link:


I am a partner at a local real estate firm that I mentioned before in
this article and they have been on the market for over 20 years. I
have learned very much from them and about ethics of business.

If you like Fun in the Sun and are thinking about coming here please
bring sunblock!

We would like to appreciate the Google Groups Support Team which has
been doing a great job making all of this possible and ever helping us
with the Technical Issues !

See you guys here in the Northeast of Brazil.

Enjoy your Lives !
Martin Gajewski Junior brazilrealestate@hotmail.com

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