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Predefinito Why Invest in Real Estate Northeast Brazil Fortaleza - Case Study


Worldwide property investors are now turning their attention to Brazil
as it fast becomes a leader in the field of emerging markets. Returns
on investment are considered to be excellent and investors are
increasingly aware of the high growth potential that Brazil offers as
a stable though fresh, new investment market.

General Factors
Predictions by leading financiers, Goldman Sachs, are ranking Brazil
amongst the top 5 world economies by the year 2050. As one world’s
largest countries, with a current population of over 180 million,
Brazil’s economic potential is enormous. The current availability of
cheap labor and materials, coupled with undervalued real estate, mean
the conditions for growth are outstanding.
Major investment is ongoing to improve Brazil’s infrastructure and
create purpose built tourist facilities. Due to increased efforts by
its government, Brazil experienced 48% growth in its tourism industry
between 2002 and 2005, with further growth predicted in 2006.
Growth is being centered on the coastal destinations of Fortaleza
(State of Ceara), Salvador and Natal in particular, which is the
closest point of Latin America to Europe and the location of a new
airport which shall be the EIGHTH largest in the world. Easy access
from North America and Europe is on the increase, with costs of travel
reducing each year, giving Brazil a truly global investment and
tourism appeal.
With a Tropical stable climate, world-famous, beautiful beaches and a
year-round tourist season, Brazil is set to benefit purchasers with
buy-to-let investment strategies. The low cost of living (20% of that
in the UK) also appeals to investors and tourists looking for a lower
cost alternative to the peaking Caribbean market.
There are no complications regarding property ownership in Brazil and
investments can be purchased as 100% Freehold

We will assume that you already have made up your mind to invest in
real estate and to do so in Brazil.


There are three reasons that I think are the most important for this
to happen:

1.) Low labor cost and low living expenses.

2.) Government incentives are abundant since the states are looking
forward to the economy becoming even stronger through this.

3.) Last but not least the stable climate without earthquakes,
hurricanes, tsunami, terrorism or any of the God’s acts that let us
know where our place is.
Of course, we cannot forget the friendliness of the locals and lower
crime levels than those of the South & Central regions of the country.


Advantages of Brazil Investment
 Property capital appreciation of 20% average in the Northeast per
 Favorable currency exchange rates, making property transactions
cheap for foreign investors.
 President Lula’s progressive policies, bringing many improvements to
Brazil, including a decrease in inflation to an all-time low at 5.7%.
 Active encouragement and incentives for foreign investment - you can
own 100% of land and property.
 Cost of living only 20% of that in the UK/Europe and property
maintenance costs extremely low.
 Some of the lowest property prices in the world.
 Increase of thriving manufacturing industries relocated to Brazil
and boosting the economy.
 Expected self sufficiency in oil reserves within the next year.
 Some economists believe Brazil is amongst the leaders of the future,
along with Russia, India and China.
 Year-round sunshine, with average summer temperatures of 21°C.
 Great natural beauty with fantastic scenery and 7,000km of beaches.
 Friendly nature of the Brazilian people.
 Vibrant cities with carnivals and music.
 Low international risk of war, terrorism or SARS in Brazil.
 Easy access via direct flights from many international airports.
 Donald Trump invested here very successfully.
 Billions of U$ Dollars are being poured into the real estate market
making it very stable and profitable.
 Brazilian currency is strong on the Forex markets further lowering

Now, let’s discuss why make investments in the Northeast and more
specifically State of Ceara?

The Northeast region of Brazil is the fastest growing area on the
South American continent. This is in regards to economic factors such
as export/import, tourism, real estate, natural resources & energy

We have seen a steady value appreciation of these investments over the
last four to five years and especially real estate geared towards
tourism and golf.
Numerous developments such as resorts & hotels with beach front
condominiums full of villas (in hundreds and sometimes in thousands)
including golf courses have been springing up every 100km or so
throughout the 2500 km of the Northeast’s Coast Line.

State of Ceara, with it’s capital City of Fortaleza has been undoubtly
attracting the most savvy of the investments in the region. South
America’s largest water park is located here and the Pinto Martins
International Airport is fit to accommodate a large amount of flights
and is currently in an expansion stage.

There are a minimum of four golf course developments under
construction at this time and there is THE largest tourism development
in this country covering an area of 3100 hectares or 31 Million square
meters well on its way. The evaluated grand total of this enormous
undertaking is over U$D20 Billion. It’s in the construction stage as
well. Another pre-approved project has been recently sold to an
undisclosed investor in the, not undermining size, of 1020 hectares
with licenses for a Marina, 16 resorts, golf course, private airport,
convention center & shopping mall, etc…These are just the two largest
developments in this state besides many others. Inside the City of
Fortaleza buildings are popping up everywhere and the construction
trade has received a very significant rise in demand (since 1998 to
today 1000% growth). Rentable property is a very interesting factor,
however there are a few good managing companies available for to the

This state is very strategically and geographically located in
relation to main cities in Europe like Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Milan,
Amsterdam, Brussels, Oslo, London, Copenhagen etc…as well as Miami,
New York, Boston,USA.

The Capital of Fortaleza has the largest population in the Northeast
and yet incredible to say the lowest crime rate in the area.

There are Mountains with waterfalls and European climate 3-6 hours of
a drive away, depending of course on which one desires to visit, the
world-wide famous beaches like Jericoacoara, Cumbuco, Fleixeiras,
Lagoinha, Praia das Fontes etc…..

There are over 1000 edible fruits here, interesting cuisine, vital to
the Brazilian Culture is the nightlife with the various restaurants
and bars which are great investments for the well informed persons
with outdoor seating and gardens,
Many clubs and dance events of especially Forro (pronounced Fo-Ho)
being a very spicy, local way to entertain, a ratio of women to men is
4-1 and the list goes on…………………………

March 12th 2007
© Martin Gajewski Junior
from Chicago USA



Offshore Investment Consultant&
International Property Broker

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