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Vecchio 24-03-2008, 12.37.56
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Predefinito Garde-maison, concierge for your house for sale near the sea

Single, retired non-smoking, fit, athletic professor (67 yo) wishes to
inhabit, guard and maintain your home, condo, bungalow, villa, RV,
camper, yacht or houseboat in subtropic or tropic location anywhere in
the world while you are away or the property is for sale. Can show the
home to potential buyers/renters (vacation residences, apartment
complexes too) and also look after your children or pets, including
large dogs and horses, tend your plants, maintain, even skipper or crew
your yacht (USCG certified yacht master). Butler, tutor.

Experienced with assignments in California, Florida, Mexico, Germany,
on Bali and Phuket,

Speak fluent German and English, conversational French and Spanish.
Having lived and worked worldwide, I am culturally sensitive and can
adjust to any country or climate, get along with all nationalities. --
Small stipend or travel expenses only expected, depending on location.
Exchange with my small condo in Bonn - Bad Godesberg, Germany is

No smoking, drinking, drugging, partying, barhopping.

Dates flexible, first availability April 2, 2008

E-mail to fewocal (at) yahoo (dot) com in English, German, Spanish or
French to get further data, Tel-Nr and VoIp.

German / Deutsch: Pensionierter Professor will Ihr Haus, Apartment,
Condominium, Ferienwohnung, Yacht, Hausboot, Wohnmobil in Ihrer
Abwesenheit bewohnen, hueten, pflegen und Ihre daheimgebliebnen Kinder
und/oder Haustiere versorgen. Steht Ihr Objekt zum Verkauf oder Miete
an, zeige ich es gerne Interessenten, auch ganze Ferienanlagen und
Campingplaetze. Nichtraucher, Nichttrinker, Vegetarier mit vielen
praktischen Talenten. Erwarte nur kleine Entlohnung bzw Provision und
Reisespesen. Evtl Wohnungstausch auf Zeit mit meinem Appartement in Bad

Flexible Daten ab 2. 4. 08

E-mail to fewocal (bei) yahoo (Punkt) com um meine Tel-Nr und VoIp zu

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Strumenti discussione Cerca in questa discussione
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